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Healthy Restaurants Midtown East

So the boyfriend is having some health problems and doctor wants him to loose weight.

I am looking for maybe Vegetarian/organic/healthy restaurants close to his office (Park and 50's)

Help please?

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  1. ask coaster, he knows a lot of salad places. =)

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      As Monica knows, I'm a proud, card-carrying, Chop't devotee. When I'm not eating Mexican Caesars or the Hokaido seasonal salad, you can find me at Soom Soom with an over-stuffed falafel or, on a bad day, at D&S with a chicken salad sandwich. Probably best off at Chop't with a light salad and SPA dressing.

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        and I'd be accross the street at Treehaus stuffing myself with a doughssant.

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        Killer advice. Literally. The fixed price lunches at Rouge Tomate include high fat high calorie desserts and entrees like duck confit or salads made with sweetened nuts and cheese. Sometimes i think so long as somebody puts a leaf of kale or a brussel sprout on a menu in NYC it wins raves as a sensible eating destination. Rouge Tomate puts pork fat in its kale salad (or course, it is "sourced" pork fat so I guess that gets recommended for a weight loss program).

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          Who said anything about low fat?

          In fact, the words "fat" and "low" never appear in the OP. Either together, separately, or far apart.

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            Ewwww I didnt know about the pork fat!!!

        2. I'm not 100% sure where these places are all located, but they're all on seamless and all deliver to my office on Lex and 46th so I imagine they're pretty close to you.

          For me these all hit the balance of healthy, without being inedible.

          7 Green & Grain
          Num Pang (specifically the chicken salad)
          Treehaus (has healthy options)
          Dig Inn

          Also sushi is a good low calorie option, especially vegetarian.

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            Sushi is not low calorie food...Low fat maybe but definitely not low cal

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                knowing how much rice it takes to make sushi, I don't agree that most sushi are low is calories. plus it doesn't help the fact that I have to buy at least 2 packages of premade sushi to fill me up...even then, I am usually still hungry.

          2. The best option IMO would be the whole foods on 57th b/w 2nd and 3rd ave, and the walk will be good too.

            Its obviously possible to make poor decisions regardless of the restaurant and bringing your own meal is the best idea.

            Organic ave on lexington and....somewhere in the 50s has hearty healthy salads, (their massage kale salad is awesome) but their desserts and nut milks can pack serious calories.

            Sushi can be a good choice by ordering edamame, sashimi, and veggies or a total gut bomb if ordering tempura rolls with mayo sauces.

            The best way to help him may be to spend time in the kitchen with him on the weekend preparing lunches and healthy meals for the coming week so you "teach the man to fish" as it were.

            1. It's not the restaurant, it's what he selects. That said, as the weather is getting nicer he can pick up a freshly tossed salad at Hale & Hearty @54th & Lex and take it out to eat or take it downstairs to the court in CitiCorp. There are half a dozen places where he can get something similar.
              For restaurant salads, I love the selection at Angelo's Pizza @55th & 2nd. He can add grilled shrimp to any of them.
              I also agree with the idea of getting things from the salad bar at Whole Foods.

              1. There is a new place on Lex and 40th called Kale. Sounds healthy. No bacon on the menu. Not my style.

                1. Thanks everyone, I didnt realize we live and work in a city where is really hard to find natural/healthy restaurants until now.

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                    It isn't.
                    There are lots of healthy vegetarian, vegan, whatever places- they just aren't located in midtown east......

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                      It also depends on what one means by "healthy".

                      Personally, I find nothing "healthy" about a salad that's drenched in dressing. Even one that's not drenched in dressing a plate of chopped greens, carrots, etc. without goopy dressing isn't exactly a balanced meal. Maybe it's low-fat and low-cal, but then so is a rice cake.

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                        Exactly- which is what i was trying to explain to the OP in my previous comment, it is possible to order poorly (or well) at most any restaurant, but first one needs to know how to do that....