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Feb 25, 2014 10:44 AM

Redmond with my mother

My mom is moving to Trilogy at Redmond Ridge and I'm looking for restaurants to go to with her. She is happy with any cuisine but Mexican and doesn't care for very spicy food. For reference, in Seattle she liked Panos Kleftiko and Betty and 5 Spot and even dumpy conveyor belt sushi and in Redmond the Family Pancake House. She enjoyed Spinasse too though was treating us and probably cringed at the bill. She disliked Spicy Talk (darn) because of the service, and doesn't care for food where you have to do any work (like hot pot).

She is very black and white about whether a place is great or horrible and I can't always pinpoint why, but I think it comes down to service. Good service is very important to her—yet she can be so rude to waitstaff, ugh. She is also somewhat frugal, but I can pay if we go someplace nicer. I would like places within 15 minutes of where she'll be, in the far-out reaches of Redmond Ridge.

I've looked at the older threads and have noted Pomegranate and Tropea. Is there anything else I should try? How are the restaurants in the strip mall across from Trilogy, the Village at Redmond Ridge—Silver Spoon Thai, Ming's Garden, Three Lions Pub?

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  1. Try Matt's Rotissiere, Spazzo or BJ's Brewhouse - all at Redmond Town Center. Frankie's Pizza and Pasta does a pretty good pizza and good lasagna. It's on the main drag and shares a parking lot with Spicy Talk. Tropea is small, but the food is good.

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        Indeed. It is a Schwartz Brothers restaurant (like Chandler's Crabhouse and the various Daniel's Broilers).

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          Exactly, Giz. Thanks for providing the info!

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          The spa in Spazzo should sound like Spaaaahhhh,

      2. Ming's is actually very, very good.

        1. Three Lions has sketchy service. Neville's, next door, same owner, is a British tea house with much better service. That said, I prefer the pub.

          Absolutely echo Pomegranate. Impeccable food, good service.

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            I just checked out Neville's online—I love English breakfast so that's going on the list. Thanks, all, for these great recommendations. Having my mom in town is going to be a big adjustment and it will help to have some decent food to smooth the transition.

          2. You can try Stone House in Redmond. Three Lions is OK if she is cool with a sports bar theme. You might rather take her to its sister restaurant (next ddoor) to the British Pantry. Way better service, same food. Also try Sages. Lastly, Tropea. It is a Remond institution.

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              Nit, but The British Pantry is the market. Neville's is the restaurant.

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                You are right. Please excuse me.

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                stone house does pretty ok food, but the prices are appalling for what you get imho.

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                  And the service at Stone House can be pretty hit-or-miss. The last time we were there it was as though a bunch of friends (one of which could cook) had said "Hey kids, lets open a restaurant!" Servers would casually wander by occasionally to tell us that one thing or another we ordered was out .. took us three tries to land on a wine that they actually had in stock.

              3. my wife and i are dining in redmond regularly as we hit the movies in the bella bottega complex often. here are some other options
                racha thai-newly opened in bella bottega complex

                coho cafe-service a bit hit and miss seaffod good-bella

                sushiland-if mom likes conveyor sushi-bella bottega

                mod pizza-for quick tasty in bella bottega

                belle pastry-good if inconsistent french bakery-bella bottega

                thai ginger in redmond town center

                haiku seafood buffet-redmond town center-non chowish buffet but if mom likes conveyor sushi

                la isla on redmond way-puerto rican/carribean cuisine

                the restaurant in the marriott at town center-sear-is pricey but we thoroughly enjoyed our steak/experience

                new zeeks pizza location on cleveland street

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