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Aug 29, 2001 09:18 PM


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I will be in Mtl 9/14-28 & would love recommendations for great Thai, Vietnamese or other Asian restos. Plan to check out Chao Phyra (sp?). Have frequently enjoyed the food court (really!) Thai (think it's called Bangkok House?) in Le Fabourg market...Thanks!

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  1. For moderately-priced Thai, Red Thai on St. Laurent south of Prince Arthur is awesome. For somewhat cheaper but also excellent Thai, I would go to Restaurant Thailandaise on Bernard just west of St. Laurent. I would -not- go to Thai Grill on St. Laurent & Laurier -- its passable food but there is much better.

    We get great Vietnamese take-away from Pho Trang An, on St. Denis near Jean-Talon. There are numerous Viet places in that area. For cheap but good soupe Tonkinoise go to the food court at Place Montreal Trust in the underground city (just underneath the Paramount).

    For great Chinese, all you can eat (but not buffet, they bring it to your table) the best place we've found is Palais Schezuan on St. Denis just south of Duluth. Doesn't look like much from the outside but the best shrimp toast I've ever had. They do some Thai also, I really like their chicken-lemon grass soup.