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Waffle Taco by Taco Bell

Beach Chick Feb 25, 2014 10:27 AM

Waffle wrapped up with sausage or bacon and scrambled eggs.

With the bacon, it looks really good.



  1. Bob W Feb 25, 2014 12:26 PM

    Still can't compare to what Taco Town is serving up!


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    1. re: Bob W
      Tripeler Feb 25, 2014 04:34 PM

      That's fantastic -- Taco Town!

      1. re: Tripeler
        Bob W Feb 26, 2014 07:45 AM

        No matter how many times I watch that, I always laugh!

    2. c
      cwdonald Feb 25, 2014 02:31 PM

      Not that different than the waffle sandwich Dunky Dog nuts served for a while.

      1. s
        seamunky Feb 25, 2014 03:43 PM

        That waffle looks greasy and flaccid at the same time. I like all the components. I'm not sure I want syrup on my eggs and cheese though.

        I look forward to trying one.

        1. r
          RedTop Feb 26, 2014 09:08 AM

          That thing looks damned dangerous!

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