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Feb 25, 2014 09:48 AM

Muffaletta Bread

Where can I buy muffaletta bread in SF? Bonus points if I can buy it in minature size :)

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  1. I've never encountered any bread here that's very close to the Central Grocery style.

    You might look at Acme's selection of rolls. The ciabatta roll would probably work well. Maybe the pain de mie roll.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I've had pretty good success with Acme's sesame kaiser roll. It is a "miniature size," in relation to the traditional muffaletta bread.

      The pain de mie seems like it might not hold up so well to soaking up the olive spread...

      1. re: abstractpoet

        I was thinking it might work because it holds up fine in a Kronnerburger but you might be right.

        1. re: abstractpoet

          That sounds about right to me. I like the Acme kaiser rolls and they have a consistency that could mimic the loaf used in NOLA. Grand Lake Kitchen has a good muffuletta at the moment, but the bread isn't right. The crust is too chewy/tough and the insides squish out. The olive relish is good and has some pickled okra in it as well.

          1. re: calny

            The top part of the Kaiser rolls have a tendency to fall apart along the scores.

        2. re: Robert Lauriston

          We always use an Acme Green Onion Slab. Sometimes an Herb Slab if we can't get to the Ferry Plaza. It's not the same, but it holds up to the olive relish.

          1. re: srr

            Those are sturdy but to me all the oil in them makes them too rich. Though if you're making your own olive salad you could just cut back in the oil in that.

        3. The original comment has been removed
          1. I have not found any rolls that resemble what Central Grocery, Nor Joe's or Napolean House uses so I just use Kaiser rolls that I buy at Safeway. I believe the "Ebbett's Good to Go" truck uses Acme Focaccia in their Muf's - I have only had a muffaletta from Ebbett's once - very good sandwich, one of the best muf's outside of New Orleans - wish they offered it more often.