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Aug 27, 2001 03:21 PM

Montreal Steakhouses

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Lookin for a darn good steak within reasonable distance from Old Montreal. Suggestions?

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    Anonymous John

    Heh. Always a subject of contention. The choices are (roughly) Gibby's, Queue de Cheval, Moishe's, and Rib and Reef. All have decent wine lists with too much of a markup.

    Gibby's: I really don't like the atmosphere. Its crowded, claustrophobic, uncomfortable wood chairs, and I find the service poor in relation to what I'm paying. Might as well go to Ruth's Chris or Mortons. The steak is good, the sides are bland, the deserts are underwhelming.

    Queue de Cheval is probably the most expensive of the lot, and my favorite. Everything is good (especially the garlic mashed potato side), the steak is very good. The apps are not great, I tend to skip and save room for desert, although I do like the tartare opener--they make it at the table for you. Very loud and trendy.

    Moishe's I like for a business dinner because its quiet--no piped music, or its very quiet. Again, skip the appetizers, and ensure you save room for the $4 pastry assortment. Make sure to check your coat; the coat fellow never forgets a face.

    Rib and Reef is "way" out of the city, and I mention it because its in line with the others (more like Moishe's, very traditional) and the cherries jubilee are made at the table.

    (ok, so I'm a sucker for "made at the table" food.)