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I ask this question every year! Is there anything decent on the way to Mammoth and what are your favorites in Mammoth?

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  1. We live at Tahoe/Reno and our favorite place is Campo in Reno. They also have a place at Mammoth. Their menu is Italian influenced but they cover lots of bases. I'm sure you'd really like it.


    BTW, I was chatting with a young man yesterday who usually snowboards at Mammoth and he said that several restaurants have closed due to lack of snow.

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      My sister in law is out of 2 restaurant jobs (hard working college student!) due to the lack of snow there. Its been a rough semester for her.

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          I was reading a gardening forum this morning and someone mentioned that the next "normal" rain year for us in California will be 2017. I haven't looked into it yet but its going to hurt a lot of businesses if that's true.

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            NPR interviewed a professor from Berkeley who said the last drought this bad was 500 years ago and it lasted 100 years. They can tell from tree stumps that are in lakes (like Tahoe) and the rings on those stumps. You can probably find the interview on the Capital Public Radio website. It was within the last month IIRC. It's chilling.

    2. Just got back from Mammoth on this Sun. My friends always stop at the Thai place at the Bishop airport and on this trip stopped at the Alabama Hills Café in Lone Pine which they liked. I stopped at Schot's in Bishop for a Sandwich, but its sort of a zoo on Sunday. Mahogany Meats makes sandwiches as good as Schot's but w/out the wait.

      We ate at Angele's in Mammoth. Avoid. Bad meatloaf and watery French onion soup. I ate at Campo last summer and it was not bad. Reasonable corkage fee as I brought a bottle.

      They need snow, spring like conditions with the lower mountain looking like Sochi.

      1. Stop at Schat's bakery in Bishop and get as many rolls of their SanFran sourdough bread as your freezer will fit.

        God do I love that place.

        1. If you like beer I highly, highly recommend stopping at Mammoth brewing.

          In my opinion they are one of the best if not the best brewery in California. Too bad their distribution is so limited.

          1. Which way to Mammoth? Still Life Cafe in Independence is probably the best of the lot if coming in from the south. https://plus.google.com/1136618324752...

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              Just a warning that Still Life Cafe was out of almost everything when we stopped by at 1pm last year. There were only a handful of tables occupied and we stood for a while without anyone acknowledging our presence. I would make a reservation if you're planning to dine there. It just seemed like they weren't prepared to accommodate anyone unexpectedly dropping by.

            2. Campo had the best food we had in Mammoth last year http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9045...

              Great Basin Bakery in Bishop if you want to pick up sandwiches, pastries, bread.