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Feb 25, 2014 08:00 AM

Bergamo to Milan-need advice for lunch

We will be staying in Bergamo for two days in early June before our trip to Piedmont and plan to take the train from there to spend the day in Milan. Is Trattoria Milanese a good choice for lunch or should we try for something more upscale (expensive) like Ristorante Cracco? What is currently a very good non-touristy place to eat in Milan? Also, if anyone has a suggestion for Bergamo, it would be much appreciated. After that part of the trip, we can't wait to get to Piedmont, especially based on the wonderful suggestions for restaurants given here.

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  1. Bergamo is a lovely town and you will enjoy! If you put Bergamo into the search box on this Board you will see a number of reports, mostly on restaurants in the Citta Alta.

    1. Thanks to your suggestion, I searched the board for restaurants in Bergamo and it seems like La Colombina and Cooperative Citta Alta were the best choices. Is there any place else I should consider? After searching the board for restaurants in Milan, there are so many places that sound good. Any advice about narrowing down the choices? Thanks for your help.