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Feb 25, 2014 07:11 AM

Michelin rated Lan Sheng opens in Wallington

What a great surprise to find an authentic Szechuan place in the Polish town of Wallington.

Menu is vast and intimidating but the waiters make great recs.

Lan Sheng
209 Paterson Ave.
Wallington, NJ

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  1. What did you have?!? I just read about this on

    1. Here's what I ordered:
      -Mini crabmeat soup buns: Good flavor. Since they are mini there is less soup inside.
      -Braised beef filets with napa cabbage: The sauce filled with roasted chili is so addicting. Spoon it over your hot white rice and enjoy.
      -Gui Zhou chicken was good. Reminded me of the Chili Chicken dish at Penang but on the sweeter side.
      -Lan Sheng Grilled Fish was fried not grilled leaving it very crispy. Its topped with scallions, cilantro, potatoes, black mushrooms and lots of cumin.
      -Sauteed snow pea shoots were perfectly cooked leaving a good crunch. This was much appreciated to mellow out all the bold and spicy flavors.
      -Chongqing sweet potato puffy was offered to us on the house by the owner after we declined dessert since we definitely over ordered for 4. Thank God she did because I loved it!

      Hoping to be more adventurous on my second go. The restaurant was dead empty when I was there so hopefully they can get a crowd going to stay in business.

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        On Google Street view, taken in July 2012, they have a sign for a Sushi place "coming soon" which apparently came and went since then.

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          Some photos of the dishes

        2. Thanks for posting...I may even give their Dim Sum a try, although that's really more Cantonese style

          1. this is fantastic news. we are huge fans of Chengdu 23 in Wayne, and this place would shave a few minutes off our trip when jonesing for some authentic Szechuan. Hopefully it compares favorably. cant wait to give it a shot.

              1. re: Curlz

                has anyone been here recently? anything else to add? Was thinking on going next week with the wife for a much needed date night. She brought up Chengdu 23 and I said we now have a Szechuan option in Wallington...saving a possible whole 5 minutes in the car lol....