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Feb 25, 2014 06:20 AM

Dinner for 15 Woodley Park

Hi. Yes this is short notice but I would appreciate any and all help. I'm taking 15 people from work out to dinner next Wednesday night in the Woodley Park are of DC and am looking for a restaurant recommendation. Thinking Petit Plats but keep reading how "cozy" it is and am concerned it will be too small for a bigger group. Any thoughts on where we could go? Thanks to all!!

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  1. Are you willing to travel a little bit to a nearby area? If so I would check out Spices or Ardeo in Cleveland Park.

    Mama Ayesha's might work as well.

    1. District Kitchen is very fine. They have a small plates concept, but not really all that small. Charcuterie is excellent.

      Quiet, good lighting, plenty casual. One of the better choices for a group, I think.