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Feb 25, 2014 05:55 AM

where to buy pita/flat bread for gyros

I'm hoping to make gyro's for a dinner party next weekend. I'd love to buy some softer flatbreads/pita that will easily roll up for the sandwich. Any thoughts on where/brand to get these in the Cambridge area? Thanks.

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  1. Sophias in can get gyro meat and tzatziki there as well

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    1. re: grant.cook

      thanks! been meaning for an excuse to make it to Sophias. I'll make my own gyros and tzatziki though

    2. I'd go Sofia's on the Tzatziki, but Arax and Sevan have much better pita selections. For Arax go on Tuesday afternoons they get a baked goods delivery from Montreal on Tuesdays and some REALLY good stuff.

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        1. re: Science Chick

          And Massis, up the road a block! they get the same bread from Montreal.

      1. You might also ask at your favourite gyro place. Sometimes they will sell you a bag.

        Its all about the pita for me! They can be tricky and get over done and cripsy fast esp on bbq and will crack instead of fold. I hate it!! Just something to watch out for!

        1. you know what I've used that works really great? Supermarket naan bread, that kind that comes 2 to a package that you re-heat in the oven? It's a little thick, but fluffy and soft how I like my gyro bread to be. I have made my own gyro meat and tzatziki in the past, and used the naan and it was outstanding. It's also nice that it comes in 2 pieces, so Im not eating gyros for days worrying the bread will go stale (I would love to eat gyros for days, but my doctor might stage an intervention if I did!)

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          1. re: devilham

            There's a major manufacturer- Kontos- which makes both naan and pita. The products are nearly identical. The company has Greek origins. You can buy Kontos breads at any of the Indian markets as well as the Greek International Food Market in W. Roxbury. I'm sure Sofia's has it too. It's pretty easy to find.

            For day-to-day use, I just use the naan from Trader Joe's. (I am Greek-American.)

            1. re: Scruffy The Cat

              probably the same product I am referring to (as I didn't have a manufacturers name, sorry!), but it's a great substitute for pita IMO, so warm and soft when heated up to contrast with your cool tzatziki. God I love gyros.

          2. I agree with Striper and Sci Chick that Arax and Sevan are the places to go for fresh and delicious thin pita, but they are sometimes out of pocketless pita. If you want the thick gyro bread, Sophia's is more likely to have some.

            Devilham's idea to use supermarket naan (I think it's still available at Trader Joe's, too) is a good one. Similar flavor and texture.