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Feb 25, 2014 04:30 AM

Hong Kong- Looking for "reasonable" GREAT sushi

Heading to HK today and want to have great sushi. Would spend around 1150 HK dollars pp for omakase. Any great suggestions? THANKS!!

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  1. My meal at ' Sushi Fuku-Suke ' on Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay was quite enjoyable. If my recollection is correct, they offer a few Omakase menus composing of sashimi, sushi and hot dishes at dinner time. Price range is around $1000 pp.
    Chef is Japanese from Ginza, Tokyo, I believe?!

    1. For the really nice places you can probably get by around $800 to $1000 during lunch hour, but the best cuts are reserved for dinner patrons for the most part. You can look into Ginza Iwa (lunch, because dinner starts at $1800). There is also Ta-Ke in Causeway Bay that's quite good. Best to supplement your research with pictures and wade through reviews of others (usually with a grain of salt since a lot of them aren't really chowhounds). Sushi Mori in Causeway Bay is still a local favorite, but unfortunately Mori-san is nowhere to be found these idea where he is. Kishoku is another local favorite, although the head chef is HK Cantonese (trained under the head chef of Ta-Ke).

      Tomoe in Tsim Sa Tsui might be a good one.

      You can also get a hybrid kaiseki/kappo with sushi in your meal at places like Kado in Central (chef is a local Cantonese speaker, who trained under Sase-san of Sushi Sase, and the food looks pretty respectable). Sushi Sase in Central may be another good one, although I am not clear on the prices these days, openrice and blogs may have more updated info. Sit in front of Sase san, and request that for your reservation.

      I would recommend Hikari in Causeway Bay, strictly a kappo ryori kind of place with a sushi course...last month they still had Hokkaido hairy crab/kegani (whole), Bluefin tuna head (kabutoyaki), and A4 wagyu, as well as torafugu (blowfish/farmed). Omakase starts at $800 but if you do $1200 (which I did) you can get some better goodies. Numata-san is the head chef and does a great job, and his osechi ryori mini set I had new year's eve was spectacular. The caveat is that there is always that mandatory 10% service charge on top of your bill.