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Feb 25, 2014 04:14 AM

Caen and Bayeux

4 days in Caen and Bayeux, in April. Looking for both fine dining and more casual options, as well as bakeries, cheese shops, etc.

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  1. Hi Scrabble;
    We were over in Normandy a few months ago with two ado grandkids and had fabulous meals as well as visits to the tapestries (fun to find one's ancestors still there - and Churchill's and Hugh Iorys Hughes' Mulberries, and
    the American Cemetery which we had to tear the girls away from).
    You can find a recounting at my blog - the first day of which was

    1. Pâtisserie and salon de thé in Bayeux, in the centre of town, "La Reine Mathilde" at 47 rue Saint Martin. Here you will find a superb "la tarte aux pommes normande", a specialty of the region.

      1. It's been 4 years, but Le Pommier in Bayeux was very good

        1. In addition to La Rapiere, I had a very enjoyable dinner at L'angle St. Laurent in Bayeux last June.

          1. While rummaging through my travel material I came across a card for a restaurant in Bayeux named "l'Amaryllis". I has been years since we were there and we ate there twice. It had very good food.

            I searched it and found that it is still there and still gets good reviews in the travel books.

            It is: l'Amaryllis
            32 rue St. Patarice

            Tel: 31 22 47 94

            Please eat there and report back