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Feb 25, 2014 02:38 AM

Grey salt in preserved lemons

I ran across a recipe that called for using sel gris (grey salt) for preserved lemons and I was wondering if anyone has tried this.

I can imagine that the minerals in the salt might add to the complexity of flavor and I get grey salt for $5/lb so the added cost seems negligible.

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  1. what about the color though? it may turn them a very unappealing shade.

    1. I'd be curious to hear how it works out. I, too, am concerned that the gray color wouldn't look wonderful but since I generally chop the lemons up when I use them, maybe no issue.

      1. Color shouldn't be an issue, and I even wonder if you will be able to taste the trace minerals.

        Since you can get the salt cheap, go for it and report back. I have thought about using Hawaiian red salt to see if the lemons turn orange...

        1. Seems like a complete waste of a finishing Salt to me.
          It will not effect the color of the Lemons at all, I really doubt that it will make any difference in flavor that could be noticed

          1. Well, I decided to go ahead and try it, I guess I can report back in a month :)

            As for the color, I am not really worried. This might be a result of being raised on Indian food, because I don't put much emphasis on aesthetics of food.

            Has anyone out there actually tried the lemons with grey salt? I find that it noticeably enhances the flavor of just about everything (although its usually hard to pinpoint why).