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Feb 25, 2014 12:53 AM

Canned tomatoes and there metallic taste!?

Recently I have found the cans of crushed tomatoes I buy to be very metallic. Normally I just plan on 'frying' my whole/diced/crushed tomatoes in some oil and probably onions before I make what ever Im making. Which usually gets that taste out. Maybe a pinch of sugar if its really bad. But what is it!!?? Im finding even my go to brands which are usually never like that have it. Are the soils they are growing the tomatoes in just to far gone? I buy organic grown in italy... Im growing almost all paste tomatoes this year to can. I sick of worrying if a can if going to taste like that. I swear things have to be cooked for 4 hrs before the taste is gone.

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  1. I mostly buy Pomi brand, in the box, for that very reason.
    Even expensive (and the much touted) San marzano's taste like the can to me, much of the time.
    I process my own tomatoes in the summer and freeze them for sauces now.

    I am not sure if something changed with the tomatoes, or if my taste became more sensitive to the metallic taste. I think the latter because I don't care for canned *anything* much anymore.

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      I get a tinned taste from canned tomatoes too, makes me avoid tomatoes in metal containers. I've found this taste especially in tomato pastes in metal tins.

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        my local world market (cost plus) carries jarred tomato puree.
        my local whole foods carries jarred tomatoes, diced tomatoes, crushed tomatoes.
        to my palate, these items taste better than canned.

      2. I try to stay away from tinned things but tomatoes is the one thing I use a lot of. I doubt I could make enough to last me threw the year.

        I don't think I've seen the Pomi brand I will look for it thanks!

        Some pastes are unusable some are great! I don't understand! grr

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          Hi, I just saw this post. There is a pizza blog by Jeff Varasano, where he discusses this problem. Varasano recommends washing the canned tomatoes to get rid of the bitterness, but there is at least one brand that he uses without washing, because it is not bitter. I tried washing canned tomatoes, and found it effective. But I have since found a brand--here in Switzerland--that doesn't need washing.
          Here is Varasono's blog:

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            He is a funny guy! And yes!....he goes into great detail!!! Almost other metal cans! Thank goodness it's not just my imagination! Thanks bcc!!!

        2. I find cannned tomatoes that are far beyond thier sell date to be "tinny" if stored, but once cooked, it seems to dissipate. And my nose and palate are pretty sensitive.

          I attribute it to the acid in the tomatoes and the ongoing BPA can liner battle and the replacement for it technology/material wise is in flux.

          If you can find tomato products in jars, that will work. If not I like too like the Pomi tetra boxes .

          Almost every grocery locally carries them , albiet at a less than bargain price. LOL.

          1. I have noticed that taste in the last year. I heard something about irradiating canned foods a while back. I am 55 my family has been using canned tomatoes for years. Never had that sour metallic taste ever. Any info anyone can share would be greatly appreciated.

            1. some time ago i switched to the glass-jarred tomatoes instead.
              the brand i use is Jovial, it is carried by whole foods, imported from italy and is organic.
              as an added bonus, sometimes it is on sale.

              couldn't stand the nagging suspicions about whatever it was that was ruining the flavor . . . .