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Feb 25, 2014 12:40 AM

Painted Burro Update?

Not many posts about PB; have you been recently and what did you think of it? We're attracted to a number of Brunch and Dinner dishes, but don't know how they are in reality. Thx much.

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  1. We haven't been in a couple of months, but everything we've had there has been quite good. We have a love/hate relationship with the place a little bit. The food is so good, and yet it is SO noisy and the service can be very slow. I'm almost never bothered by noise and that place makes me crazy it's so loud.

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    1. re: VintageMolly

      I'm not a loud noticer either but I noticed painted burro was LOUD. The rajas taco was soooo good though. I'm torn.

    2. While the place can get loud, they've improved it quite a bit by moving the bar next door and adding sound baffles. I've always enjoyed my visits there; the Oaxacan grits, the chicharrones, and the chorizo taco with soft-cooked egg are all terrific. I went to their recent Valentine's Day prix-fixe dinner and had their shortrib (with horseradish crema, served atop their grits) and it was really fantastic; my tipsy DC proclaimed it the best shortrib he'd ever had. Hopefully that dish makes it to the main menu soon.

      1. I went for brunch with a friend a month or so ago. I had the chilaquiles which were good but not outstanding. The eggs were just a little undercooked for me, with obviously raw whites in several spots. But the salsa in the dish was very good. My friend had the brioche french toast which was a huge portion. I also had a blood orange mimosa, but, as my father always says "I could make that at home." It was my first time there and I'd love to back to try more, also for dinner instead of brunch.

        It was not loud at all, but then again it was 11:30am on a Sunday morning.

        1. I've never been impressed on 3 visits- 2 brunch, one dinner (admittedly, none within the past 2 months). Food was average in quality and well below average in value, service below average all times. Last time we swore we'd just get a burrito at Anna's instead so there won't be a next time. On the other hand, the owners' other place Posto has always impressed us.

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            Painted Burro is a very polarizing place. Of my friends, two of them are big fans, and the rest actively loathe the place and refuse to go there under any circumstances. Before they opened, I was wary about a Mexican place almost literally across the street from Anna's, but since PB has a very different kind of food -- no burritos, mostly Oaxacan style -- they don't really compete. I don't understand why some of my friends hate PB, and they don't understand why I love it.

          2. I have to admit that I think they've gone downhill a little bit. I know that the opening chef has since left, and I'm wondering if that might have resulted in a dip in quality. Some small issues like poor taco construction or overly watery tacos. Everything still tastes pretty good, but not as consistently excellent as it was. It won't stop me from going back, but it's not as much of a go-to as it was.