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Aug 16, 2001 01:31 PM

bagels, etc.

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i'll be up in montreal this weekend (coming from nyc) and wanted to taste those delicious bagels everyone has been talking about. can someone suggest a good place to get them?

also, i know there is supposed to be good smoked meat there, but what about smoked fish (i don't eat meat)?

finally, can someone recommend a good brunch spot?

thanks so much,

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  1. It's been mentioned before but when in Montreal I enjoy Fairmont bagels, Eggspectation for brunch, and the Chinese REstaurant in the Holiday inn for Dim Sum.

    All are the best around by far.


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    1. re: iron frank

      For bagels, Fairmont and St. Viateur are two of the best, both located up in Outremont. As for brunch, Eggspectations has been recommended on this board several times and, with all due respect, I must disagree and in no uncertain terms. If you like big menus -- and I mean BIG -- with dozens upon dozens of selections of the most mediocre food piled high on big plates, then this is the place. If not, almost any other spot in Montreal would be better. On my most recent trip to Montreal, I took several recommendations from this board (see my earlier posting) and was delighted. Unfortunately, I also took in the Eggspectations suggestion. Don't make the same mistake!

      1. re: steven

        Which eggspectations did you go to? I've eaten there numerous times and have never once been anything but delighted. If you're looking for the most inventive breakfast look elsewhere but for's a fun place.

        1. re: iron frank
          murray brown

          By far the best place for breakfast in Montreal is Beauty's on Mount Royal at the corner of St Urbain St. To those who are familiar with the writings of Mordecai Richler, the author of The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz and St Urbain's Horseman amongst others, this is the area where he grew up and where most of his characters come from. It is NOT CHEAP but the freshness and quality of the breakfast items is without peer in the city. Do not go on Sunday morning. It is always packed and there is almost always a wait of 30 minutes and often more.
          Murray Brown

      2. Thanks for the bagel suggestions. I did make it to St. Viateur, and enjoyed munching on the warm, comforting bagels while the rain poured down outside. They were unlike any bagels I've had before! I wouldn't trade NY bagels for them (they seem to me to be a different species altogether), but I'd certainly welcome them in addition.

        Also went to "Au Petit Extra," which was very good, although it did not knock my socks off.

        The food highlight of the trip for me was definitely Hamel Frommagerie, where I purchased small portions of several wonderful cheeses for a very reasonable price (especially given the exchange rate). The staff there was extremely helpful and all the cheeses I tasted were impeccable.

        Thanks to all on the board for pointing me in the right direction!