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Feb 24, 2014 07:49 PM

Jewmaican Cuizine

The Jamaican booth was the surprise of the food fest. There they were with a drumset and a little reggae going on. They were serving Jerk chicken, with rice and peas in a fiery hot sauce. Now here is an approach to food I've never experienced , it tasted great, it felt like fun, and I'd love to bring them to cook for an event.

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  1. There website is pretty lacking in terms of information, what city they are based out of, menu, etc, but I'm intrigued... any more info Adina?

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      Honestly, that's all I know. There were three servers, they smiled politely and handed me a plate with rice, chicken, and a dark brown sauce that tasted great. This was not an exquisitely composed tidbit in the style Chagall and Basil were presenting at adjacent booths. It was a just scooped form large warming pans onto the small plate. I've never eaten Jamaican food and cannot pretend to know what it ought to taste like, but it tasted great.

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        They told me that they operate out of Long Island. I liked the Jerk chicken but did not find the side sauce especially fiery. Agreed that it seemed like fun food.

      2. That's funny. We just found out yesterday that our daughters' school dinner is to have a Jamaican theme.

        Little known fact to this board--I lived in Jamaica for a summer while growing up and my parents lived there (on a farm) for about a year just before I was born. There are even pics of my father (zt"l) helping to schecht a goat for seder.

        1. I agree. The food was great.

          1. Wasn't able to go to the event, but the food sounds delicious. Definitely something I would make for a Shabbat meal

            1. Not too difficult to make Jamaican at home as all I-tal cooking is meat-free (and salt free, too) and many, although far from all, Jamaicans avoid Trenton (aka pork).