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Feb 24, 2014 05:16 PM

Petty CHOPPED comments [from me]

CHOPPED:Beer Here! episode

Judges included Scott Conant.

What on earth was going on with his hair!?
His bangs looked like he'd been licked by a cow, immediately after getting a bad dye job.

Other than that, I definitely think he's more of a grown-up than he used to be; maybe that daughter of his has helped!

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  1. Yes. And what was with the pretentious scarf so artfully draped? It was as distracting as his crisco-glazed hair. I really, generally, like his commentary and descriptions of what's good and bad with a dish, but the strange get-up made it difficult to concentrate on what he was saying.

    I was also quite pleased that the twit from Oshkosh B'Gosh didn't win. What a snot.

    1. You both nailed it. My husband and I said the same things. The scarf was just awful. The hair thing seems to be the new style for men. You can see the style on other programs. The same oh so carefully tousled hair, that looks as if it will chip.

      1. I agree- He did take away from the contestants.