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Question for the ages

Okay, hounds -- when buying a gallon of milk at the grocery store, do you put it in the bag or not?

Cloth bag, or plastic bag?

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  1. I leave it up to the bagger. If I'm at self checkout I'll put it in one of my cloth bags.

    1. Never. Also don't put big gallons of laundry detergent in bags.

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      1. re: pinehurst

        the big gallons of detergent are the things i still insist go into a disposable bag.
        just yesterday, at costco, EVERY jug of dish soap was gummy on the bottom with dried dish soap.
        the last remaining purpose of disposable bags is to protect my trunk and my other purchases from leaks.

        1. re: westsidegal

          Oh yuck. Yes, in that case, I can see wanting a bag. Slightly OT, I always do the "tighten" of the top caps/spouts before putting them in the shopping cart in case someone before us just HAS to sniff the new scent of Downy and does an anemic job of putting the cap back on. Learned the hard way on that one...

          ETA, the dog fur in my back seat provides a natural layer of protection. ;-)

          1. re: pinehurst

            " Slightly OT, I always do the "tighten" of the top caps/spouts before putting them in the shopping cart in case someone before us just HAS to sniff the new scent of Downy and does an anemic job of putting the cap back on."

            That's why I always take from the back. :)

            1. re: ttoommyy

              That's why after I HAVE to take a sniff of the new Downy, I always leave the cap loose and put it back in the back. :-)

              1. re: jrvedivici

                As they say on Monty Python, YOU BASTARD!!!!

                I knew it was you that was doing it!!! Just knew it!


                1. re: pinehurst

                  I'm also the bastard that loosen's the salt shaker tops. ;-p

          1. Only if I have one of my bags to put it in.

            1. A paper bag or one of my own. Our garage is at street level and the main house is below this level, I need the milk to be stabalized for the trip down. Alone, a gallon of milk is vulnerable to tipping, in a bag it is more secure.

              1. In the plastic bag. We have a dog...enough said.

                1. If I've purchased a gallon, then no bag. If just a half gallon, then I bag it with other items.

                  1. no bag, unless my hands will be super-full, and I need the larger handle of a bag :) in which case, cloth bag.

                    1. You are right. This is indeed a very important question. It's not one I can answer immediately though. I will need some time to give it the amount of careful thought it deserves. I'll get back to you.

                      1. I live on a farm and we get our own milk directly from the source. However when I bought the cow, yes, I put him in a plastic bag.

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                              1. re: ricepad

                                How many pounds per month, and what is the butter fat percentage?

                                Pasteuerized, or do you serve it raw?

                            1. Plastic bag, always.
                              I'm tired of having to clean up drips/leaks/sweat from cold items from the back seat or trunk of my car

                              1. Nothing. It's easier to grab by the jug handle than to carry inside a bag. Like Pinehurst, same for jugs of laundry detergent or bleach.

                                1. No bag, unless we're short on bags at home (for trash collection, dog turd collection, etc), in which case I'll double or triple bag.

                                    1. When I used to buy gallons of milk the baggers at Safeway always placed it in whatever bags I selected, either paper or plastic. I always forget to bring my cloth bags.

                                      1. I rarely buy a gallon of milk but I don't put anything larger with a handle in a bag.

                                        1. No bag. It has a handle. Same with laundry detergent and 5kg bags of rice.

                                          1. I almost exclusively buy half gallons. It goes in a bag. Cloth if I remember which is 9/10 times. Plastic if I forget 1/10 but we have a cat so I do want a few bags for kitty waste.

                                            1. It gets its own cloth bag, because once I had one that leaked onto the other groceries.

                                              1. I put it in my own bag. The plastic bags are too flimsy. I buy half gallons, so no handle. Anything with a handle (detergent, rice) doesn't go in a bag.

                                                1. We only buy milk by the litre here in Japan, because that's the largest size. But in the U.S. we will get milk in half gallon cartons.

                                                  Then we will put it in the big paper bags at checkout.

                                                    1. We use reuseable bags. Everything that'll fit in a bag goes in a bag - allows me to carry more at a time, fewer trips from the garage to the house.

                                                      1. Usually no if I'm driving home. If I'm walking or biking, then yes in a cloth bag.

                                                          1. A bag that I then throw out. I've had milk that was not leaking itself, but had been sitting with leaky containers and smelled of sour milk. It made everything else in the bag smell of sour milk as well. So not it gets its own disposable plastic bag.