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Feb 24, 2014 04:30 PM

I just have to give a hounds howl! Per Se

Coming to your great city from Boston for anniversary weekend ( this Friday). Lined up Juni for Friday night, likely try for a bite at Red Farm uptown for lunch Sat before a matinee performance of After Midnight, ( I had no idea K.D.Lang was guesting when I booked). Yahoo. Scalini Fedeli for Sat night. Looked at return Acela confirmation today and realized we don't leave Sunday til 6pm.....what to do? Got to Opentable and (magic) a 12:30 reservation for Per Se was staring me in the kisser. That's my anniversary gift to Husband and our first ever reservation at Per Se......I ought to play the lottery, huh? Just had to give a hound howl.

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  1. Just to give others a headsup, OT is showing reservations available tomorrow, the 25th, and again on the 26th for dinner.

    1. I've been noticing availability for tables for 2 at Per Se on OpenTable. This morning they had an 8:30 reservation availability for tonight. Maybe the bad weather coupled with the recent price increase has something to do with it.

      Have a great time! I've dined twice at Juni, and loved both dinners.

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        Thanks Ellen, we share taste. Ma Peche and EMP have been some of our favorites.

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          I'll look forward to reading your reports.

      2. That's a heck of a way to kill some time while waiting for a train! Enjoy.

        1. First half of the report:
          Juni : lovely almost zen room. Elegant non intrusive but readily available service. Started with sidecar for me perfectly made so you are not overpowered by any one element and can taste the booze not just the lemon of white for husb. I recall my plates and will leave it that he was totally pleased with his half of the meal. But can't do justice to describing his choices. I had
          winter herbs – young carrots – almonds. Not at all what I expected and was a sweet and savory mousse like, very generous starter with small pieces of lovely carrot. I enjoyed every bite.despite its generous portion it was extremely light. Next was trumpet royale – chicken skin – mustard greens. I am a sucker for chicken skin and sorta wished there had been a bit more of that and a little less mushrooms. More modest portion but very well done. But what was there was delicious and not high on the salt scale. Then the white beans – beef cheek – torpedo shallots – chickweed. I can honestly say the beef cheeks were perfectly cooked and the only other part of this course I truly remember is a little pot of potato purée that I wished was a toureen. They were reminiscent of Robuchon and I don't know if they were intended for me or to accompany my husbands Kingfish ( there was no mention of potato purée on the menu) bit it didn't matter. I ate them all. Finally chocolate – banana – rye....lovely dense chocolate but took til the end ( last bite) to taste the banana. Oh the amuses of beet with goat cheese , potato rolled in truffle and that amazing little roll of something or another were wonderful as were the mignardaise post dessert. We shared a reasonably priced 2009 Santeney. Would go back in a heartbeat. Felt special.
          Today lunch at Red Farm uptown. Started with cold peanut noodles and chicken. My favorite dish of the meal. Then a composed salad of grilled vegetables and greens. Lots of eggplant greens strawberries apples and some asparagus sitting on a bed of eggplant purée. My least favorite. Then a special of mushroom omelette with Bar BQ duck Another not at all what I expected. From the bottom up it was a bed of gently cooked rice with a large runny yolked egg topped by scallion and corn with crisp skin duck breast as the very top layer. Put them all together and BAM what a great dish. We arrived at 11:15. Immediately seated in a booth. Very good and friendly service and they serve a Bloody Mary at lunch that will clear your head of congestion, hangover or likely if not careful brain. Off to Scalini Fedeli late this evening. I love New York. ( and KD Lang was the Bomb!).

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            Glad you enjoyed Juni; I've had dinner twice at Juni, and loved both dinners. It's shame that Juni isn't getting the positive attention that it deserves.

            Look forward to your report on Per Se.