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Is there the possibility of an AA meeting for hounds ???? to fight the addiction for lack of a better term

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  • kevin Feb 24, 2014 04:19 PM
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Though this may be the wrong board to post this query.


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  1. Interested in seeing where this is going to go. My question is are you sincere about it being an AA meeting, or do you mean some form of a support group for foodies/addicts?

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    1. re: jrvedivici

      I think he means, a support group for people addicted to this site.....

      Kev, we know a few la hounds who should join you, LMAO....!

      1. re: Dirtywextraolives

        i thought he meant a support group for people like me who are addicted to restaurant meals.

        if so, dunno if i want to recover from this addiction. . . .

    2. Possibly Overeater's Anonymous?

      1. I see what you mean......

        1. The intervention is to go out to eat more, cook more, and get off the interwebs...