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Feb 24, 2014 04:13 PM

Singapore Sichuan and other Chinese restaurant choices.

. Presently in Singapore and looking for some good Sichuan and other Chinese restaurant choices. Would appreciate some help. Had a very tasty meal at Candlenut last night. Would like something more Chinese,however.

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    1. re: ekrubnivek

      I'm probably the last person who should be advising you on getting the best Sichuanese in Singapore (as I have a preference for Cantonese, Chaozhou/Teochew, Hainanese, Fujianese/Hokkien and Hakka, in that order, when I dine out on Chinese).

      But my go-to place for Sichuanese food for the past 3 decades have been Szechuan Court at the Swissotel (Raffles City):

      Singapore's changed quite a lot in the past decade or so, with the influx of Mainland Chinese immigrants and greater availabilty of more authentic renditions of Sichuanese, Hunanese and Dongbei cuisine - a departure from our traditional emphasis on Southern Chinese regional cuisines due to our roots.

      You can find authentic Sichuanese at the hole-in-the-wall places on Geylang Rd in the Geylang district, Chinatown (e.g. Old Chengdu on Pagoda St, Sichuan Village on Mosque St) and those Sichuan hotpot places at Liang Seah St, near Bugis Junction.

      But old dependables like Szechuan Court have also actually evolved, and now offers Sichuanese cuisine which is closer to the real stuff you'd taste in China, rather than tinkered to suit local tastes here, as was the case previously.

      1. re: klyeoh

        Silk Road at the Amara is an excellent alternative for Szechuan. Its dan dan noodles, tossed and pulled into shape by chefs working behind a glass-panelled kitchen, are genuinely excellent.

        1. re: Julian Teoh

          Glad to hear it's still around, Julian! Silk Road was one of the first places where I tried good "dan dan mien" in S'pore, but that was years ago: I'd went there with a friend and his two small sons - one of his sons have completed his National Service already now, whilst the other is doing his NS at the moment :-D

    2. Hi Vin,

      Discovered a little gem near Chinatown area couple weeks ago. Only managed to try few dishes - Mapo Tofu, Cold Chicken and si wei mao cai (you get to choose a selection of vegetables which they will cook into a spicy sour stew)

      All the dishes were pretty damn good - havent been to Sichuan but pretty much what you will get in Shanghai.

      1. I have been somewhat disappointed with Sichuan and northern Chinese options in Singapore.

        Most Singaporeans are from Guangdong/Fujian so for those types of food (i.e. dim sum, Cantonese) Singapore has amazing options.

        Following Sichuan/northern options seem reasonably authentic:

        Hai Di Lao, a Sichuan hotpot chain from China with a location in Clarke Quay:

        Sichuan with a view at Sichuan Douhua, top of UOB Plaza (Raffles Place).

        Xi'an snacks at Huang Tu Di Xi An Xiao Chi (block 328 Clementi).

        Hunan at Xiang Signature, Liang Seah Street, Bugis

        Jing Hua Duxton Hill