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Feb 24, 2014 03:44 PM

The difference egg yolks make (in blondies)

Just made some "light" blondies that called for 2 egg whites. Don't care for them and am wondering what difference putting the yolks in might have made. These have almost too many chocolate chips but the batter/binding is odd-tasting, hard and crunchy on the edges and very soft in the center.

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  1. Egg yolk would have contributed to moisture and tenderness. However, the softness of the centers is probably due to the time and temperature of the baking.

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    1. re: greygarious

      Egg yolks will add some structure and chewiness.

      Also sounds like you baked at too high a temp for too short a time. Reducing temp by 25 degrees or so and baking for several extra minutes could rectify the softness in the center.

      ETA: Was responding to OP, not greygarious, sorry!

      1. re: nothingswrong

        I think the time and temp was 350 for 20-25 minutes. My oven was running high (I had baked a cake and then left it on for these), so I put it down to 325.

        I also used an OLD jelly roll pan that wasn't nice and insulated like my other stuff.

        My husband likes them all right, but there's something about the taste I don't like. Just feels like something's missing. Here are the ingredients:

        2.25 c AP flour
        2.5 t baking powder
        .5 t salt
        1.75 c. packed br. sugar
        6 T marg softened (I used butter)
        2 egg whites
        1.5 t vanilla
        1/3 c water
        12 oz choc chips

        1. re: NotSoHot

          Maybe it's the low fat content. Not much butter-to-flour; far less than you'd get with your average chocolate chip cookie. Add to that the water and lack of fat from the yolks, and I could see the blondies seeming like they were lacking "something."

          1. re: NotSoHot

            water does a bad job replacing fat and there is a lot of flour for a small amount of butter. yolks also have fat.

            i generally bake blondies or brownies in an 8x8 or (double-batch) 9x13 dish, making them thicker than what you would get in a jellyroll pan, so less opportunity to bake dry. i use a 325 oven too.

            i'm not a fan of trying to make "healthy desserts". the smittenkitchen blondies are outstanding and foolproof.

            eta: just looked up egg yolks on if you had used whole eggs the 2 yolks would have added only 9 grams of fat, so 81 calories, to that entire recipe.

            1. re: NotSoHot

              I doubt that it's the egg whites. Salt & vanilla & brown sugar are all scant, baking powder is double, compared with my recipe, which bakes 30 minutes in a 9 x 13 pan.

              2 cup flour
              1 tsp. baking powder
              ¼ tsp. soda
              1 tsp. salt
              2 cups firmly packed brown sugar
              2/3 cup melted shortening
              2 tsp. vanilla
              2 slightly beaten eggs
              1 cup chocolate chips
              ½ cup nuts

        2. If you are looking for a lower fat/calorie dessert one of the best i've had are those black bean brownies-seriously. Really moist, chewy, and easy. There are a ton of recipes if you google it.

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          1. re: Ttrockwood

            they are amazing! I don't know if they are low fat/cal. The recipes I've tried seem to have the same amount of things in them as regular brownies but just added black bean would them a lot higher protein content and a bit of fibre. All I know if they make for a killer brownie. Esp w/strawberry or mint icing.

            Sounds like maybe the yolks kept the sugar from incorporating in so it just went to the outside a bit.. and/or a bit of a temp hot to short or to low to long..

            1. re: daislander

              This recipe is delicious for black bean brownies.


              NOTE: They are not exactly like a traditional brownie but still pretty good!

          2. Thanks for the tips everyone. I will toss this recipe and make real blondies next time.

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            1. Well this is funny: I made both a chocolate cake and those "Sensibly delicious" blondies to give to some friends for a big celebration they were having--and I felt rather guilty about the blondies. Just got an email from one of the recipients who said "those blondies were amazing--I ate three!" and he wants the recipe. I'll give him my original because I don't intend to make them ever again.