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help me "enhance" my broccoli soup

made a very basic broccoli soup, sautéed one onion, one clove garlic and simmered the broccoli and one potato (for thickening) in TJ's miso ginger stock (slightly diluted). Added a sprinkle of powdered ginger and 5-spice, S+P. Pureed when softened. The flavor is basically good. But I want to eat it for lunch and it's lacking something to make it feel "substantial", I guess I need something solid to round it out. Or maybe it doesn't feel like lunch unless I'm chewing. Tried adding some cooked barley (not bad). I would rather keep it vegetarian. Tofu doesn't seem like the right "add in". I'm stumped.

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  1. I was going to say tofu. Damn.
    Squash of some type, cubed?

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      might still try the tofu, have some baked/seasoned slabs in the fridge, which are somewhat more "chewy".
      Like the shiitake idea, I think a chewy mushroom would play well.
      Since I have one serving in the fridge and 2 more in the freezer, can try a couple of options.

    2. Do you have any more broccoli? I like to reserve some of my broccoli to add back in after pureeing. If not that, then maybe cook some diced potatoes to stir into your soup.

        1. How about some cooked faro, has a nice nutty flavor.

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          1. I like to add Quinoa to my pureed broccoli soup. I guess that's sort of similar to barley though.

            1. Rice
              White beans

                1. Cubed potato or sweet potato.
                  Green beans give great "chew" in other dishes, but I seriously doubt they're the right add-in for broccoli soup.

                  1. I once made the broccoli soup from Cooks Illustrated and got several helpful and innovative tips from it.

                    #1 overcook your broccoli, with a little baking soda.

                    It sounds counterintuitive, but overcooking broccoli brings out all of the sweetness and flavor of the vegetable. The baking soda helps the broccoli to break down more quickly. But that leads to...Ugly soup

                    #2 Fix the ugly soup with baby spinach

                    Overcooking the broccoli leads to a sickly green color, so add a generous amount of baby spinach to the soup for a minute, just before blending. It turns the soup a bright, beautiful green again.

                    The other flavor in the soup are onion, garlic, dry mustard and cayenne. And, of course, a little cheese (cheddar and parmesan). But, you don't have to use that if you don't want to. The relevant techniques apply to any broccoli soup.

                    Mr Taster

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                      I just made this recipe Saturday and love it! It's a definite keeper.

                    2. Here are the ingredients of the broth courtesy Google:

                      Water, Miso Broth (Miso [Water, Soybeans, Rice, Sea Salt, Koji Starter], Soy Sauce [Water, Soybeans, Salt, Alcohol], Ginger, Vegetable Puree [Carrot, Celery, Onion], Shiitake Powder, Yeast Extract), Ginger Juice, Salt

                      Eyeing the ingredients, I'd suppose the broth has a very thin mouth feel. I'd guess you'd need something to fix the broth. Maybe simmer mushrooms? Tomato paste, perhaps?

                      1. Trader Joe's does a good frozen meatless meatball if you want protein. Or add an egg to it, letting the yolk drip out and thicken the soup. Shiitake mushrooms would be good, more chewing,

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                          I think the egg yolk is a good idea. OP could add egg and lemon.

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                            that's a thought, I actually have some of those "meatless" balls in my freezer!

                          2. Sauteed or roasted mushrooms, caramelized onion, roasted garlic. Any or all. Wild rice.

                            1. OK what you really need is a bunch of cheese. Cheese mixed with a bechamel. At that point, potato not necessary.

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                                Cheese w/ miso ginger, powdered ginger and five spice?

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                                  Nah, cheese sauce with granulated garlic and white pepper. Nothing fancy.

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                                    But the soup is already made w/ them.

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                                      Guess I'm talking about the future then. I don't go crazy with Broccoli Soup myself, it's such a basic thing

                              2. Dumpling-type things:
                                either Chinese
                                or Southern US
                                or gnocchi
                                or Tortellini
                                or croutons

                                1. If what you want is a thicker texture, puree cooked brown rice into half the soup.
                                  Add some grated fresh, or chopped candied, ginger for more punch, and possibly a pinch of salt.
                                  For a hit of umami, maybe some soy sauce or miso.

                                    1. I usually throw my broccoli soup in a blender with an entire bunch of roughly chopped fresh watercress. Gives the soup some bulk and a lovely green colour.

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                                        yup. cress, parsley or arugula will kick up the color and flavor.

                                        a fried or poached egg on top would be simple and tasty.

                                      2. The shiitakes were a great suggestion...sliced and sautéed about 6 of them, added about 1/2 c of the precooked barley (sautéed to firm it up a bit), the remainder of the soup (2 bowls worth) and a splash of soy. The chewy texture of the mushrooms was the missing link. Have another 4 bowls worth in the freezer, so now I know what I can do.

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