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Jul 31, 2001 02:32 PM


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Thanks for your kind offer of info re: off-the-beaten-path spots and good dining in Montreal. We're hitting the road tomorrow morning, and will be without computer access for 10 days, so if you see this before 7:00AM Eastern time, feel free to toss out some suggestions..

Off we go, into the wilds of Montreal...!

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  1. I'm not Joanne, but she did throw a few (greatly appreciated!) tips to me on this board when I went to Montreal last month - check down below. We went to Bubbles, a champagne/oyster bar on St. Laurent which she recommended, and had a great time. Also, for a quiet dinner off the beaten path, we really enjoyed La Gaudriole, 825 Laurier Avenue East, Montreal (514) 276-1580. It is a neighborhoody French bistro which only seats about 40, so reservations are necessary. You can view the menu on their website at The prices are EXTREMELY reasonable for the high quality and ingenuity of the food. The service is low key, friendly, and attentive. Even the wine list was well priced (quelle surprise!). I liked that they offered a choice of several Quebec cheeses in the cheese selection at the end of the meal. I really, really recommend this bistro. Have a great time!