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Feb 24, 2014 03:23 PM

El Mansour in the Richmond - Opinions?? [San Francisco]

Anyone been to El Mansour in the Richmond lately? I LOVE Moroccan food and ate as much as I could when I lived in Paris, but it's so hard to find here...I usually just make it at home.

I have a ressi at El Mansour tomorrow night. Will I like it?

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  1. We were in Morocco five years ago. Nowhere we went nor ate at featured belly dancing. If you already cook Moroccan food at home, at I do, maybe, food-wise, you should just leave it at that. Belly dancing...? Maybe a plus if you feel like being entertained. I get the feeling that it is a big part of the dinner experience there.

    You might try Aziza in the Richmond district, now more Cali-Moroccan than traditional Moroccan cuisine, or Radio Africa in the Bay View neighborhood..

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      Thanks - yes - I have zero interest in belly dancing. Ugh!

      May rethink dinner there if that's a focus...

      I've been to Aziza many times, but I want more traditional.