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Feb 24, 2014 03:01 PM

best jambalaya still these three?

According to a review of the site, most recent is 2011, the best Jambalaya in the city is found at:

Crescent Pie and Sausage Co., K-Pauls, or Gumbo Shop.

Do those recommendations still hold true? Thank you

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  1. While I'll occasionally order a cup of gumbo, or in the case of Z'herbs, a bowl, I've never ordered jambalaya. That's something you make at home to get rid of some leftover meat, sausage or seafood.

    I do remember friends from Houston having some at Crescent Pie. I would think theirs was good as good ingredients will go into it.

    1. The "Black Barts" jambalaya at Crescent Pie & Sausage is very spicy with a unique twist of added black-eyed peas. Not traditional, but really good. Never had K-Pauls' version, and it's been years since I was in the Gumbo Shop but I always thought they were good.

      I like the one at Jacques Imos as an appetizer. Jambalaya is just not something I usually order in a restaurant.

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        I'm a fan of the CP&S jambalaya as well. And most of the rest of what they're doing over there ... solid place.

        Occasionally I wander over to Coops for the fried chicken and have their jambalaya on the side. No complaints with it (though I'd never stand in line for it).