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Feb 24, 2014 02:50 PM

Midwest Vegetarian Destinations

Anyone have any recommendations for vegetarian restaurants in the Midwest? Or very vegetarian friendly ones? Bonus if it is in a fun town. Just trying to come up with some inspiration for weekend trips and a few great restaurants might help. Bonus if it has good beer or well done cocktails and is in or near neat communities. Vegan is fine too of course.

We're live near Madison, WI and have lived in Milwaukee and Iowa City and are pretty familiar with what those locations have (Shout out to Green Owl, Comet Café, and Trumpet Blossom respectively!).

Headed down to Pig Minds in Rockford, IL area in the near future...

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  1. Chicago has many good vegetarian options - for upscale there is The Green Zebra - - for more casual dining you have The Chicago Diner -, Amitabul - amd in Evanston Blind Faith Cafe -

    Many restaurants do have vegetarian friendly menus - like the Rick Bayless restaurants -

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      Thanks weinstein5! I have been meaning to go to some of Rick Bayless's restaurants. I will definitely look into the others - the diner looks great!

      1. re: sauterc

        All of them are wonderful - I keep kosher and will eat vegetarian out and I have rarely encountered problems of finding something to order -