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Feb 24, 2014 02:46 PM

Sushi In Santa Clara/Banh Mi

My son and I will be spending the night Friday in Santa Clara, and are looking for good sushi. Saturday, we'd like to find a good place for Banh Mi and/or noodles. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Your choices for authentic sushi in Santa Clara are pretty slim.

    There's Sawa Sushi in Sunnyvale if you're looking for a splurge meal. Omakase only - no a la carte or ordinary stuff here.

    For a more "normal" meal, Sushi Tomi on Saratoga Ave, just off 280 is a safe and reliable choice that accommodate different budget levels from preset sushi plates all the way up to omakase.

    Beyond sushi, Santa Clara and the immediate area have some pretty decent non-sushi Japanese spots. If you haven't had these styles before, they're worth a try.

    - Sumiya and Gaku for skewers.
    - Orenchi and Santouka for ramen.
    - Iroriya for robata. I haven't been here, but it's gotten rave reviews so far.
    - Other izakaya choices are Tanto, Dan, Saizo.
    - Gochi in Cupertino is a perennial favorite. It's more fusion small plates than izakaya though.
    - Gombei does homestyle Japanese comfort food and conveyor belt sushi.