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Feb 24, 2014 02:43 PM

Help me out with my Specialty Produce Farmer's Market Box

I am fortunate enough that Ms. Krispy is now able to have Farmer's Market boxes delivered to her place of work. We initially started with just the box, and was overjoyed to see the range of items that you can add in. Overwhelmed, rather. We have added on a couple of fillets from Catalina Offshore and the fresh eggs, but aside from a few familiar faces (Eclipse, Venissimo, and recently added HG Sausageworks) I have absolutely no idea what is what, who is who, or what to order.

The stuff isn't cheap so I am hoping other Chowhounders that frequent SP can give me some tips. So far the fresh pasta from Pascucci, and the salumi from Tender Green's Peter Balistreri piques my interest. Any things to try or to avoid? Any other tips?


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  1. I don't get one every week, but I've come to love the flavored balsamic vinegars and olive oils from Seaport. You can never go wrong with Spring Hill's organic butter - it's delicious!

    1. You just reminded me to sign up for next week. Time to take a look at what's on offer, I've been remiss.

      1. I have had the salumi stuff at Tender Greens, has anyone had the Pascucci pasta before? I hadn't heard of it.

        Thanks again for the recommendations

        1. for anyone that wonders what the heck I am talking about

          Do they sell all this stuff at the retail location also? I have never been.

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            I, for one, had no idea whatsoever what y'all were talking about, so I found the link very interesting.

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              I was there last week--end. They had the salumi, a variety of vinegars but, I didn't see any pasta. I wasn't really looking for that so I may have missed it. I'd suggest calling before you go.

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                You place your order using the above link (and I think you need to have in placed by Sunday or Monday) for pick-up on Thur, Fri, or Sat at 1929 Hancock St. It's nice that you can order just in the weeks that you want.

              2. This week I just went with the veggies and juice box, the seafood, venissimo cheese, the chuao chocolate (which sounds really good right now), the hot links, the salami and some eggs.

                Haven't tried the rosemary/garlic salami or hot links before.

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                  We are going to try the fresh pappardelle in the delivery box next week, I will report back.