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King cake in DC/MD

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  • nje88 Feb 24, 2014 02:26 PM
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Looking for a place in DC or MOCO to buy a king cake for next week. Prefer less sweet versions. Thanks,

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  1. Saw a bunch at the Annapolis Whole Foods yesterday.

    Didn't pay much attention other than to notice.

    1. My brother likes the King Cake from Bayou Bakery.

      1. Some suggestions from WaPo:


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          Thanks Bob. This is so useful.

        2. Be careful, though: "king cakes" at some French-style bakeries in Baltimore -- at least at Patisserie Poupon and Bonaparte -- are not New Orleans king cake.

          1. The Giant in Ashburn has them. Of dubious quality, of course. But they are available.

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              I bought a Giant King Cake years ago for my office after I got the slice with the baby the previous year. It wasn't horrible.