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Kosher in Downtown Brooklyn

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Are there any kosher restaurant options in downtown Brooklyn now a days? Any other kosher non-restaurant options?

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  1. The only kosher place in downtown Brooklyn is Shuk, which is on Livingston off of Smith. The food from there is typical Israeli, but it is very good. I've never been inside but the delivery from there is fast and my order has been right every time.

    1. Vegetarian Ginger (on montague street) is kosher.

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          wild ginger....ikc

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            That's a different place, and not really downtown. It's good, though.

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              Pretty similar menu. I like both

      2. There are also two places with take-away food:

        At 16 Court St, at the back of the lobby, is a place that has prepared food from Landau's on 18th Ave, and heats it up for you,

        Court Order, at 26 Court St, is not a kosher establishment, but has packaged kosher sandwiches available (Star-K). (This is where they order lunch for juries, on those days when the judge chooses to feed them.)