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Jul 26, 2001 05:21 PM

Poutine: What's the story?

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This is a substance completely unknown to me, but suggested by many people as a "must try" experience. Is there a classic version? Is it the sort of thing one finds just anyplace-- like the hamburger, or is it a specialty item?

Do upscale restaurants serve it, or is it a home-style, traditional comfort food sort of a thing?

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  1. its a quebecois fast food kind of thing - look for it in the most humble roadside locations and chains - the same sort of places you would look for hot dogs, ice cream, etc.

    Ingredients of basic poutine are french fries, fresh white cheese curd and brown gravy. This is mixed together and the cheese melts, for a rather delicious, heavy treat.

    Its actually easy to make at home, if you can find some of the cheese curds or a reasonable approximation.

      1. Man, oh man-- sounds like an entire year's allotment of cholesterol at one go!

        Thank you Pat and Jen for your prompt replies.
        This board--and others like it-- is an absolutely amazing resource. Every now and again I have to just stop, shake my head, and give thanks to be living in the information age...

        I shall eat a serving of this concoction whilst in Montreal,in your honor(s).

        1. The chef at Globe also does an upscale version but I can't remember what he did that was special for the cheese and potatoes...all I do remember is reading about veal demi glace instead of the ubiquitous "gravy" and thinking that that would be good indeed!

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            I does sound better (actually I have tried it with superior gravy at home) and certainly amusing, but enough to justify the price difference between the Globe and a chassecroute?