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Feb 24, 2014 10:34 AM

What pot to use for braising for 1 or 2 people?

I have the Le Creuset 3.5qt braiser but it seems quite big for just me or one other person and me. I'm considering the 1.5qt version....what would you use for small braising tasks?

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  1. What exactly are you trying to make? It may make it easier to answer your question

    - I also usually cook for one or two I find the 3.5 about the smallest I use for braising recipies unless I am making a small side dish - I find it harder to shrink recipes than to shrink the pan especially when it comes to braised dishes which generally reheat well I would rather have 2 portions of stew than half a carrot, half a potato, 3/4 a roast etc

    also you don't need to fill it - I have a smaller le cruset stew pot that I dont use often.

    1. I'm with JT, I only cook for two but I wouldn't want anything smaller than 3.5 quarts. Sometimes I wish I had the 5 qt braiser! That being said we always like to cook with leftovers in mind.

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        I was thinking the same thing, use a bigger pot with a plan for leftovers or freezer meals.

      2. There are just two of us here for most day-to-day meals. I have a lot of LC, from a 2C oldie to the monster goose pot. Unless I am determined to make something for a single meal, I don't often use the 3.5 LC, preferring the 5 qt. But your question is not how I cook so I will ask one of my own -- are you braising small pieces or whole cuts? EX: 2 pounds of beef stew meat can be braised in a smaller pot than a solid piece of 2 pound beef roast. I could brown a couple of chicken thighs in the 3.5 but not the 1.5 qt (unless I did them in stages, which seems like a giant waste of time/energy/etc). What are you cooking in the 3.5 that you might rather cook in the 1.5?

        NB: since braising takes a bit of time, I don't see the reward in making very small amounts.

        1. I cook just for myself most days, and in cold weather I do a lot of braising. The smallest pan I ever use for that is a 2-qt. All-Clad Petite Braiser.

          If I'm cooking for now plus stocking the freezer, then I move up to a 4.5-qt. Dutch oven.

          I doubt I'd ever go smaller than 2-qt. for braising. YMMV.

          1. Boy, I am having trouble with predictive text this morning. I have found that 2 quarts is about right for a small braising pan/pot. You don't want it filled to the brim.

            (I just checked, and the pan I use for home-alone meals is 2 liters, which is 1.9 quarts, or thereabouts.)

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            1. re: texanfrench

              I have a 2qt ceramic covered dish that I use for small braises.