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Feb 24, 2014 10:03 AM


Had one of the best meals in Brooklyn yesterday at Glasserie.

The large format rabbit dish is simply stunning. A whole rabbit cooked two ways with luscious, sweet, moist and tender meat, aggressively seasoned with beautiful herbs, redolent with za'tar.

Served with a simple, refreshing parsley, fennel and mint salad, rich, creamy labneh, crisp flaky bread, fantastic crisp pickled vegetables, hearty stew and two mouthwatering pungent condiments, green sauce and harissa.

The restaurant is housed in a former glass factory and the decor is quirky, charming, but almost like a television skit of a restaurant, slightly surreal.

One of the best dishes I've had in NY. This rabbit dish is incredibly satisfying with different textures, flavors, cooking is executed superbly and the portion of food is generous in the best way.

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  1. We love it. Unfortunately, Sara Kramer the chef is on her way out. I really really hope it stays delicious.

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    1. re: chompchomp

      I hope the food stays the same as well, the rabbit is a knockout.

    2. Ive been hearing about that rabbit for a while now. Thanks for the reminder Pook. 1/4 Israeli replaced by a 100% Israeli can only mean good things, right? {biting nails}

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      1. re: Ziggy41

        I hope so... because the rabbit is seriously good. I'd line up for the rabbit before I line up for another cronut. This is how a large format meal should be done. I would choose this rabbit over the chicken at NoMad.

        If you like rabbit, there are 4 more days before she leaves :)