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Feb 24, 2014 09:50 AM

ISO a Good Bowl of Chili

Where can I get a good bowl of chili in Boston, Cambridge or Metrowest? I like chili that has a nice chile flavor and a kick and preferably is made with cubed, not ground, meat. I don't have strong beliefs where beans and tomatoes are concerned, meaning I'm equally happy with or without them.

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  1. You could try Soulfire's chili. I like it.

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    1. Strip T's makes a good one at lunch and I'm fond of the New England Soup Factory's version in a pinch for takeout.

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        Does Strip T's have it regularly? I read somewhere on this board that it can be hard to come by.

      2. Old Magoun's Saloon's chili is awesome.

        1. Main Streets Cafe in Concord center has delicious chili. They use butternut squash instead of beans.

          1. I like my own but when I'm lazy, Whole Foods has pretty good chili.