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ISO a Good Bowl of Chili

Where can I get a good bowl of chili in Boston, Cambridge or Metrowest? I like chili that has a nice chile flavor and a kick and preferably is made with cubed, not ground, meat. I don't have strong beliefs where beans and tomatoes are concerned, meaning I'm equally happy with or without them.

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  1. You could try Soulfire's chili. I like it.

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    1. Strip T's makes a good one at lunch and I'm fond of the New England Soup Factory's version in a pinch for takeout.

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        Does Strip T's have it regularly? I read somewhere on this board that it can be hard to come by.

      2. Old Magoun's Saloon's chili is awesome.

        1. Main Streets Cafe in Concord center has delicious chili. They use butternut squash instead of beans.

          1. I like my own but when I'm lazy, Whole Foods has pretty good chili.

            1. Hubby B liked the chili at Five Horses in Davis Sq. If I recall correctly, it's "chunky meat" style, as you are seeking.

              1. Had lunch at Tory Row last week with a friend. He ordered and enjoyed the chili. It was cubed meat, no beans, tomatoes, melted cheese and some scallions. I didn't try a taste so I can't comment myself. It was a fairly modest serving.

                1. Picco has had some terrific chili.

                  1. Had a nice one with chunks of meat at All-Star Sandwich Bar the other day.

                    1. I'm ok with beans, what I'd like to avoid is a "chili" that's basically a beef vegetable soup with chili powder added. No, I don't want to see zucchini in the damn thing!

                      1. This doesn't really fit into your parameters, but if you find yourself in Wrentham, I love the chili at Commonwealth BBQ filled with bits of bbq meats including briquet. Oh and the jalapeno poppers are also a guilty indulgence.

                        1. There was a deli just off Pi Alley that made good chilli a few days a week, I think it was Wed and Fri that it was available. Haven't been there for a while so I am not sure if they still do.

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                              Zo does have great soups, lamb chili included.

                              I do like making my own, it's pretty easy and fun to make and repeated helpings over a big batch doesn't bore my taste buds. I'm always on the hunt for that ingredient that will kick it up a notch. Recently tried cocoa powder and a dab of Sichuan Chili Paste, which I abuse to no end in my kitchen.

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                                cocoa is my secret (well, not so secret as I've been seeing it alot lately on cooking programs....but it was my secret for a few years there!) ingredient for making a nice complex chili. Guess it's just as well the secret is out, as it really does add some depth.

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                                  always use dark unsweetened chocolate and very strong coffee in mine.

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                                    OoooOOOooH Coffee....that sounds intriguing! Kind of like a red-eye chili! I think I might have to yoink that idea!

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                                  gilt city has a coupon for 2 for this event.