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Feb 24, 2014 09:28 AM

Grocery Outlet -- February 2014

Looks like no one started a thread for this month.

Oakland on 2/22:

99 cents Hillshire Farms "deli select" honey roasted turkey breast, 9 oz in the reusable container

$3.99 Evergood sausages (bockwurst, bangers, and something others)

$3.49/lb Anchor butter (salted) from New Zealand. Good price for a high-butterfat butter

$1.99 Arrowhead Mills organic pastry flour

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  1. $3.99 Lunatic white wine blend 2011: Very surprised to find Luna Vineyards at GO. While we are not white wine fans, "Sumer Is Icumen"...

    Here are the tasting notes:
    2011 Lunatic White Wine Blend
    This Lunatic White is intensely aromatic, densely flavored, muscular but supple, graceful and delicate. This wine is full of contradictions and charming mysteries. It is an alliance of the aromatic Symphony, Arneis, Albarino and Viognier on a foundation of richly flavored Chardonnay. Jasmine, apricot, ripe pear and fresh white peach meld in a succulent compote. The wine is much more than the sum of its parts…insanely good!

    Fact Sheet
    Price: $18.00 Club price: $14.40

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    1. re: NapaSpy

      Great recommendation! Sounds like a steal at $3.99!

      1. re: NapaSpy

        " Well, they thought of having Sumer Is Icumen In. But this had got itself on the banned list; people had been singing "cuccu" rather too lewdly."
        Flanders and Swann

        Sumer is icumen in,
        Lhude sing cuccu!

        1. re: wolfe

          At the risk of going off on a tangent, the cuckoo is not the worst offender. Try the second stanza:

          "The bullock is prancing,
          The billy-goat farting,"


          1. re: NapaSpy

            Thanks, my favorite direction.

      2. Sugar-free Carmagnola marinara and tomato-basil sauces at $3 for 24 oz. (Oakland and (I think) Hayward B Street)

        1. Concord GO
          President sea salt butter "Made in a small village in Normandy" $1.99 for 250g

          EO assorted shampoo and conditioners 32 oz (huge bottle) for $7.99 They are certified organic and based in Marin.

          Straus organic carmel toffee crunch and Ciao Bella blood orange sorbet were $1.99 for a pint

          Perrier Slim can 250ml 3/$1.00

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          1. re: mmag

            Wow. The butter and the ice cream are almost worth driving to Concord for!

            1. re: mmag

              I love EO ... it smells so good.

              1. The GO on Geary in San Francisco has two interesting wines from Gerard Bertrand in southern France. One is a 2006 Tautavel ($4.99) that has Rhone-varietal grapes. The other is a 2006 Cigalus ($8.99) that is a cab-merlot blend.

                My research shows the Cigalus is a wine that has sold in the $35-$40 range.

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                1. re: DavidT

                  The Tautavel was not on the shelf today at the SF GO, but the price label was there.

                  I bought the 2006 Cigalus last week and can say it's a pretty good wine, especially at $9. Needs decanting though.

                  1. re: baron45

                    I was reading on another website that those Bertrand wines seem like they've all been improperly stored.

                    I was wondering, because the prices on those and many others seem almost too good to be true.

                    1. re: davidg1

                      I bought the 2011 Bertrand Viognier for $3.99 @ the South SF location. It didn't have the "bright, rich and elegant fruit" that was advertised in their tasting notes. Bouquet was fine, but on the palate, it was more astringent and acidic.


                      They also had the Chardonnay for $4.99.

                2. What did the expiration dates look like on those bad boys?

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