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Feb 24, 2014 08:35 AM

Pizza By The Slice - Ats'a Nice!

Where do you get a good slice of pizza around here at a fair price?

We're talking take out or sit on a stool - not a sit down restaurant.

Let's name names and prices and quality - if possible give it a five pepperoni rating for the best, and 1 pepperoni for the worst.

I'll start it off with Quadrato in West Seattle.

Big, bready square with minimal topping heft for about $5 with tax.
3 pepperonis - would have been higher rated except for the price.

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  1. I found this story that's fairly current. Price of slices reported tend to be reasonable. Your thoughts?

    1. I don't think including prices in the equation works at all for your poll.

      Better to rate based only on quality, report the pricing alongside, and then let each reader apply their own mental slide rule (because everyone's "value" mileage will vary) to determine the relative bang for the buck.

      1. I think Big Mario's in Cap Hill is one of the few legitimate slices of by-the-slice pizza around.

        I popped into Rocco's in Belltown and I remember it being pretty good, but this was after a few drinks, so my judgement might have been slightly impaired.

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        1. re: GreenYoshi

          Second for Big Mario's, my go-to for pizza slices. Their thin crust NY style with three toppings will run you $4 plus change, a little over $3 for pepperoni only. I also like their thick crust Sicilian style when it's available. Lots of slice choices for meat lovers and vegetarians.

          1. re: GreenYoshi

            Third vote for Big Mario's, it's not even close. (But I do still like A Pizza Mart downtown for what it is.)

            1. re: GreenYoshi

              Oh, Ballard Pizza Company does slices too. I didn't love the place (not bad, but I didn't see a need to return), but I know some folks have a hard-on for anything Ethan Stowell, so it's probably worth a mention.

              1. re: GreenYoshi

                To be perfectly politically correct that would be "some folks have a pepperonisimo..."

                1. re: GreenYoshi

                  I concur. We've been there twice and both times I felt like the pizzas just needed something "more". Probably cheese. I like cheese. Their arugula/prosciutto salad is rather tasty though...

                  Can you still get slices at Pag's on the Ave?

                  1. re: venice4504

                    Yup. I'm not a huge fan of how they re-heat them through the toaster. Makes the crust kind of cracker-like and doesn't give me the singe on the pepperoni that I like. Decent size though, and I think a slice of pep runs around $3.25.

                  2. re: GreenYoshi

                    I would not call the pizza there bad... but I would not call it good either. I didn't like either the taste of the sauce, or the crust. The cheese on the other hand, I mean, how do you ever dislike? As venice4504 suggested though, it could have used more cheese. But honestly, I haven't been in this city for a year yet, but all the pizza's I have had seem to need a little more cheese for my palate.

                    Ballard Pizza Company: 2 pepperonis.

                2. I get a slice from De Laurentiis in the Market for lunch sometimes. It too, is a big bready square, with an olive-oily crust. I like it well enough (3 pepperoni?) and for $3.25 it's a cheap lunch for me.

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                  1. re: Brunhilde

                    They keep the front cooler stocked with tasty and pretty little salads to round out a lovely lunch, with profiteroles for dessert - stay alert, goodies pop in-and-out of view casually.

                  2. Gave Quadrato another try Friday evening at 7:30.
                    Called from Beer Junction who promotes Quadrato.
                    Me, "What kind of slices do you have?"
                    Them, " piece of the special and one piece of the sausage."
                    Me, "Is that it?"
                    Them, "Unless you want to order a whole pizza."
                    Me, "I'll be over."
                    The pizza was OK but not at all hot or even warmed through. More like lukewarm.
                    Quadrato, please get your act together.
                    In the meantime, if anyone wants to start a pizza by the slice place in West Seattle the time is now!