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Jul 26, 2001 02:52 PM


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I am going to Montreal, in a week and I am looking for a nice restaurant. I know there are dozens of quality restaurants in the city, but I am going with a special person and would like to go to a top-notch place. I have never been to Montreal before. I have read about, and am considering Toque, Remparts and La Chronique. Comments on these or other restaurants are appreciated. A romantic restaurant ( view), is an obvious plus. Thanks in advance

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  1. The food at both Toque and La Chronique is excellent, but neither has a view, if that is your main priority. Toque is on St. Denis, a popular street for people watching, so you could request a table by the window, but I don't think that's what you have in mind for a view. Let me think some more...