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Feb 24, 2014 07:24 AM

Recommendation for accurate meat thermometer?

I am paranoid about chicken and fish being fully cooked when I take it out of the oven. I have the kind of thermometer that changes color but I prefer something that shows a temperature reading, and preferably something that doesn't require batteries (or, if it does, it has long-lasting batteries). I saw the ChefAlarm on Amazon but it looks really complicated. But I'll deal with that if it is accurate. Interested in any recommendations you have.

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      We have this in plastic, and like it. Battery is over a year old and still working. Nice to be able to leave the probe in the beast without opening the door of oven. In our area they are usually on the shelf in the bigger grocery stores.

      1. There are two ways to go here in my opinion. The first is a thermometer with a probe that stays in the food while it's being cooked and has a wire lead that goes to a unit that remains outside of the oven. This type has the advantage that it constantly monitors the internal temperature of whatever you are cooking. Something like this:

        Option 2 is a thermometer that you stick into the meat, chicken or fish when you think it's done and it will confirm your thoughts or not. For this something like the Thermopen is fantastic, we've had ours a few years and the battery is still just fine. Thermoworks has less expensive insert thermometers as well, check them out here: The advantage here is you don't need a wire coming out of the oven.

        1. Deal with the battery and get the Thermapen. Look on their website for an open box deal and you can get it for $75. It's expensive comparatively but I got one recently and it's astonishingly fast and very, very accurate. It's the most impressive piece of kitchen equipment I own. I recommend it very highly.

          1. Thanks everyone - you convinced me to get a thermapen.....which I would have known to do if I had done a board search and read earlier discussions on the same topic! Thanks again!

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              We've had our thermapen for over 5 years and still haven't needed to change the battery and it's works flawlessly.