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Jul 10, 2001 03:08 PM

The best place for smoked meat

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I'll be in Montreal this weekend and want to make sure I try the smoked meat. Any suggestions as to where the best place to get it might be?

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  1. Ben's has very delicious smoked meat.The waiter was very friendly too.

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      Guy Lesperance

      Without any doubt, the best place is Schwartz on North St Laurent street.The meat is superb!! I have not been there in a couple of years, but I try to make a pilgrimage at that temple of smoked meat whenever I am in town.

      1. w
        Warren H. Prince

        Schwartz's... for the authentic smoked meat...

        1. Another vote for Schwartz's on St. Laurent..service is in the brusque New York style.

          1. k
            Keith Ninesling

            Can someone tell me whatever happened to Dunn's Delicatessen?

            I read on a website that it is now defunct.

            When did it close? And why? Last time I ate there in the Fall of 1997 it seemed to be doing its usual good business.

            I first ate there in 1986 and revisited several times over the next decade. Although there are other places that serve better viande fume, this was a major Montreal institution for me...

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