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Feb 24, 2014 03:24 AM

Verona, how about: antica torretta, alla ruota, al duca?


We're off to Verona again in April. Been there before and enjoyed Di Stella, Al Pompiere, and Muramare (this one we will return to). We are looking for something new (to us).

Can anyone comment on: Antica Torretta, Alla Ruota, Al Duca?

(we furthermore have decided to visit La Fontanina, and Locando i 4 Cuochi)

We skipped from the longlist (for various reasons): Tre Marchetti, Greppia, Al Calmiere, 12 Apostoli, Antico Tripoli, all Isolo, Alla coa, Atellier, Groto de Corgnan, Ponte Pietra.

Thank you!

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  1. I haven't been to those, but I can highly recommend Osteria Al Carro Armato (typical Veronese) and Osteria dal Cavaliere (enoteca with interesting food - great for lunch and/or aperitivo).

    1. Antica Torretta is a little fancier than your usual osteria, it's one of my favorite restaurant in the city center, I usually get fish/seafood dishes but everything is pretty good.

      Alla Ruota (are you talking about the one above Negrar in Valpolicella?) have been hit and miss for me lately, great service, I love the location, good primi, not a big fan of their secondi. If I remember well they have some really good wines at a great price.

      If you want to try an other trattoria in the Negrar area, not far from Alla Ruota, you can go to Trattoria dalla Bice, really good rustic food, cheap good valpolicella wine, everything is homemade and really good.

      Al Duca is the quintessential osteria, simple, typical food from Verona. Stick with the traditional dishes and you won't be disappointed.

      Locanda i 4 cuochi and La Fontanina are safe bets, you can't go wrong with them.

      If I may I'd highly recommend a restaurant in Lazise, on the garda lake. It's called Alla Grotta and I think it's the best seafood restaurant (with a lot of lake fresh products) in the area together with the Oste Scuro in the city.

      I don't know if you heard about Trattoria da Nanni in Affi, 15 minutes from Verona. It's a really particular restaurant, the decor, the ambience and the service is amazing, there's a written menu that doesn't really mean a thing because the host will tell you the 5-6 dishes his wife is cooking for that night. What's unique is that those dishes won't be some osteria-style rustic things but their own take on fine dining.
      It's really good.

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        Thank you alepenazzi for you recommendations!