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Feb 23, 2014 07:56 PM

Restaurant with an Experience?

I am part of a group coming into Philadelphia from out of town. Looking for a good restaurant with an entertainment option included…something fun and different than a chain - an experience unique to Philadelphia. The group size is 65 (age = 30s) and the dinner wood be on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday in May. Any thoughts? Thanks so much!

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  1. Assuming you are staying in center city. Try Victor Cafe. They mix opera with Italian food.

    Or do a Phillies game in one of the suites.

    1. i don't really know what this means. like 65 people is a lot of people! if you want like a cocktail party sort of thing, maybe Time would give you one of their rooms and they usually have a live band.

      like what are examples of "experiences"? a magician?

      1. Do you mean renting out a restaurant? I can't think of one real restaurant that includes in-house entertainment in Philadelphia, however, there are places that are quite close to entertainment options. For instance, you could try renting out Estia, which is a great Greek place and then you're across from the Ballet and down the street from the Kimmel Center. Somehow I don't think this is going to be helpful for you sorry!

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          Rent out the Reading Terminal Market. That would be unique.

        2. Like others, I can't really think of any Philadelphia restaurants that include "entertainment options"...except perhaps Bistro Romano's "Mystery Theatre" but I've never been (and it's not the kind of thing I'd ever choose to do, personally).

          65 is a LOT of people so perhaps you would do better looking into one of the catering/special even facilities where you can get a band/dj along with a food package? I'm sure it's pricey but there's the Cescaphe event group...I went to a wedding at their ballroom last summer that was insane

          Or find a unique space to rent out, like the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts which does catering events with Stephen Starr restaurants

          Otherwise, look for a restaurant that can handle that volume and is near entertainment you can check out separately--after the fact. Trocadero Theatre in Chinatown often has great shows and events (that would appeal to a younger audience) and is near a lot of great restaurants that could handle a crowd.

          1. How about Yakitori Boy in Chinatown .. karaokee and small asian plates of food.

            You might also also consider Fez, a Moroccan restaurant that includes entertainment and belly dancers.

            You could also consider renting out a destination, such as the Barnes Museum, or the Philadelphia Academy of Arts or the Franklin Institute. Each of these would allow the patrons to walk around and then enjoy food.

            Finally you could consider City Tavern which is in Old City, and produces food using colonial style recipes. Waitstaff are in period costumes, dinner ware is colonial style.

            Given the size of the group, I suggest you work with an event coordinator, or perhaps the Philadelphia Tourism board or the concierge at your hotel. Logistics for an event like this can be painful, and you might benefit from some feet on the ground, or someone who does this for a living.

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              It is Yakatori Boy! That was going to be my suggestion.