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Feb 23, 2014 07:39 PM

Any chance of a range hood in this kitchen?

Suggestions appreciated.. we'd like some input before bringing a contractor out.

Our concerns are two fold- Low ceiling, combined with the awkward space above, which could be hard to fill or duct through. The roof is only an insulation layer away.

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  1. Yes.Iv'e used a range hood that exhausts outside the exterior wall.You could vent it horizontal through the wall rather than venting vertical. See your local mechanical code for venting . Looks like you have power close by.

    1. We installed a hood by Best (Italian company) about 19 years ago. It is a pull-out "hood" (pulls out above the stove) and vents out the side of the house -- a few feet above the level of the hood. Works pretty well. I did not want a permanent hood because I am tall and tend to bang my head on a regular hood.
      But we do not do much frying or stove-top grilling. It does a good job of exhausting steam.

      1. You can do it. There are a lot of options for hoods, some are almost flat and don't take up much space. You can vent either through the roof or the side wall depending on construction.

        1. Since that does not appear to be an exterior wall, you can either go up or down. Make a decision and get three estimates. Go with the middle one that meets or exceeds your budget both monetarily and for time.

          1. Should not be a problem. With the roof that close, it should pull air like a dream.