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Feb 23, 2014 06:51 PM

high temp brisket

I have a whole packer brisket about 15 pounds. the low temp methods haven't worked for me so I am gona try the high method I will put it in the weber smoky mountain fat side down and bring it up to 325 until I get an internal meat temp of 170 and I will foil it and move it in to the oven for another two hours and reach 205. the low and slow method produced dry brisket.

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  1. Faced originally with the same problem, and with the same equipment, I finally found a high-heat solution that works well. Cook as you suggest, between 300-325 for about 2.5 hours. It will be around 160-170 at that point. I like to catch it on the lower side. Then foil, leaving plenty of room for liquid to be released, and go for another 2 hours (why not keep it on WSM and use up already burning fuel?). At this point, just start checking every 20 minutes or so for doneness. A probe/skewer should go in very easily with little/no resistance. That's when it's done. Temperature doesn't really matter.

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      Hey freshly cured. I cure meat too. I am glad you got the brisket to work. how do you to the pork butts. give me an email
      finnygomes at q dot com