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Jun 24, 2001 04:18 PM

Bazou, Le Blanc, Le Vaudeville, La Gaudriole, Lucca

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I am thinking of booking these restaurants for dinners while we are in Montreal next week (except Le Vaudeville - Sunday brunch). Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Hi! Concerning your list of restaurants I can tell you that Bazou wich mean wreck in quebecois french, have more than one place in Montreal. It is a funny place with plates having car's names and decor based on automobile as well! For Le Blanc it is a place where people go to be seen. If i may I would suggest you a small place out of the touristic area. It is a french restaurant owned by a nice lady who is also the Chef.
    It's called La MArivaude 1652 Ontario street East
    Also nearby on Ontario st there is Le Petit Extra a fine little restaurant with a nice ambiance.
    So have fun and bon appetit!