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Feb 23, 2014 06:22 PM

NOLA Bday group suggestions

We're converging on NO for few days with a party of 10-12. I'm looking for unique suggestions that can accommodate a big group. We'd like to do brunch on Sunday and pull out the stops for at least 2 dinners.

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  1. Commanders Palace for Dinner....or Brunch. Reserve well in advance for that size group.

    1. Agree with the suggestion of Commander's. Also suggest you consider Restaurant August
      and Le Foret
      possibly Stella

      1. For pulling out all the stops, consider booking your group at Restaurant R'evolution:

        1. It is not unique. That said, it is difficult for us to pass up Galatoire's whenever in New Orleans. Souffle potatoes and fried eggplant alone with a Sazerac . . .

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          1. re: BoneAppetite

            Thanks Everyone
            So far for Sunday Brunch Arnaud's, Broussard's, and Antoine's can all handle my group. (trying to stay in the Quarter for this one) Any thoughts on Jazz brunches?

            Sadly, Commanders is booked for my days.

            I did find availability at Luke's that night too. What are the chowhound thoughts on that? It seems like a nice place to have around if you're a local, but maybe you don't travel from New York to eat in a brasserie?

            I've booked August for the following Monday night. That sounds like a keeper.

            1. re: davydanger

              Broussard's has recently changed hands and I have not
              seen any reports on the new reincarnation. I would choose between Antoine's and Arnaud's for the Sunday brunch.

          2. Take what you can get cause it's main weekend Mardi Gras time! Many many places will be booked solid. Best unique suggestion for group your size: 9 roses on the westbank of the river--Vietnamese Restaurant with an extensive menu accustomed to large parties, doesn't require reservations, very good, not expensive. Try neighborhood places outside the main tourist/parade routes for 'pull out the stops' places. Rely on concierge advice.