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Feb 23, 2014 04:49 PM

Where to buy pork belly

We got a smoker not to long ago and have been having a lot of fun smoking all sorts of meat. We would like to try making our own bacon and have no idea where to buy whole pork bellies. We live in the mid cities area. Any recomendations?

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  1. All the oriental stores will have it.
    It's normally less than $3lb at ranch 99 in Plano. I would guess that the viet grocery stores in mid cities / Arlington will have it for about the same price.

    1. Our SuperH is Carrollton has it, but you may have to ask then if they have any not sliced. We also bought a whole pork belly at Thanksgiving from Local Yocal Butcher in McKinney for our Porchetta. Not local for you, but if you are into smoking you might find it worthwhile to try their Steak 101 class and learn about the different type of cuts of meat. It was a great class, you left full, and it is BYOB....and we also bought an assortment of different cuts including the pork belly from one of their local farmers. Have fun!

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        Kinda off topic but do you know who is their pork supplier? Sloans Creek Farm?

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          I don't remember the name they got the belly from, but Matt would probably tell you. They list Sloan Creek on their website, but I was just so impressed at the size of a full belly, I don't remember who the farmer was. My DH may remember. It was still in the USDA packaging and it fit perfectly around our pork loin for the Porchetta. I also have a pound of sausage (which was terrific FWIW) and I will check tonight to see what it is labeled. It's worth the drive.

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            I know. I really like Patina Green as well. Had the best meal of 2013 there at one of the Market Dinners.

      2. Luck may have it that my mom lives in Plano and sister lives in McKinney, so those are both great convienient recommendations for us to visit. Love the asian markets out there, never thought to hit them up for our smoking needs. Thanks for the help!