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Feb 23, 2014 04:31 PM

General posting problems recently, from Safari?

I don't know if the site updated or its a Safari update prob, but I am using Safari Version 5.1.10 on a Mac (obviously?)

and chowhound used to work fine, but now every time I post, I click the reply tab under a message and instead of replying "there" it bounces me to the first, topic starter, post for the reply... which is causing some confusion as t what I am replying TO, naturally.

but in addition to this, when I click send on my reply, nothing seems to happen.
it freezes as though nothing was done.
I need to go back to the previous index page and reload the thread in order to see that my reply was posting.

I also can no longer expand posts that I have already read, it's like they are locked.

all strange new behaviours

is it my Safari version?
a new Chow version?

I'm at a loss.
I cannot be the ONLY one, right?

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